Wednesday, January 24, 2007

and consonants
running together

Who are your Oscar picks? Here's mine. If I predict correctly I'll buy myself something nice.

Forest Whitaker/Best leading actor

Alan Arkin/Best supporting

Meryl Streep/Best leading actress

The Departed/Best picture

Multiple-Choice Theater

In this world pure carnality is
not our best option, better to
keep your pretexts intact. Listen
my deepest humdrum charm,
so carelessly inspired, spins on
fatal ground. Launch unbridled
ardor, by verve else blank haystacks
she said, dust my bucket with
life or love. Thus, without pants
our reckless flight sans hope
fails to gossip in the howling gloom,
as grocers grope among lush
lentils, green envy gasps, grips her.