Sunday, May 18, 2014

The only LIVE poetry radio in America.... Other Voices: Poetry & Politics with Larry Sawyer

So, I've started broadcasting via AM radio and couldn't be more excited about the show.

Here's the details:

WHAT IS IT? ...OTHER VOICES: poetry and politics with Larry Sawyer, streaming live at Q4 Radio.

Program 1 (click here to listen)
Program 2 (click here to listen)
Program 3 (click here to listen)

Guest poets and writers include Andrei Codrescu, Tyler Mills, Robert Archambeau, Amy King, Nick Twemlow, Mike Hauser, Michael Stephens, Barbara Barg, Kenyatta Rogers, Laura Goldstein, Brendan Lorber, Chris McCreary, David Trinidad, Jen McCreary, Roger Reeves, Francesco Levato, Tony Trigilio, and more!
WHEN IS IT? OTHER VOICES will return this Fall. Look for announcements via Facebook/Twitter.