Thursday, June 19, 2008

8 Wikipedos

Elena Yevgenyevna Dostay,
the Russian archer,
shot not arrows
but Freedom.

My woebeg-one
what have you d-one,
like a country s-ong
about an archeoastronomer.

Hey you, why not try
latent semantic analysis?
Just the sandwich,
not the meal.

The secret cheese that
powers Hollywood
comes in two varieties,
blockbuster and huh.

Tom Clancy, your
Debt of Honor—
stop writing
prosthetic fiction.

Footballer Hugo Gatti
nicknamed “El Loco”
was known for achique
& plain weirdness.

Shibata Zeshin
did nothing much to
stand out from
his contemporaries.

Bronx martyr
last of the Mo-ricans,
Carlito Brigante
in Carlito’s Way.

future sports drink
& also beautiful
river in Sweden.

Wikipedo : Term coined by the author to describe a new type of poetry written using the “random article” feature on Wikipedia, our modern-day equivalent to the oracle at Delphi. Short poems meant to be written, and forgotten, as quickly as possible.