Thursday, January 25, 2007

At Midnight Down by the Docks

Four days

since the needles

inside the man's lungs

pierced his chest lining entirely

like tiny anemones.

This released a hurricane.

His skeleton

has become

a brittle leaf

after the whole house burned down

in a frontpage fire.

But after all, his feet are

merely huge elephants, nearly extinct.

Upon a bed of overwork, he wears

an underpaid sweater

because the heat has been turned off


millionaire hyenas.

However, there is a

banana on his table that

also serves as his well-being.

The typewriter sprouted

wings and ordered him to sing

a song about a beautiful woman.

Tomorrow, more bad weather

followed by a cardiac arrest,

as the police arrive,

wearing human leather.


Anonymous said...

Is this also from the Backstreets of The Bayou?

Larry Sawyer said...

You won't be laughing when you see "At Midnight Down by the Docks-the Musical" ...