Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get Green

Chicago is ONE of America's greenest cities. What does that mean? It means that Mayor Richard M. Daley has made a conscious effort to systematically plant trees, cut carbon dioxide emissions, and clean up waste. HAVE you noticed strange weather patterns recently? Global warming has become a fact of all of our lives. In the NEXT twenty years this will mean that cities along the EAST and west coasts will require new planning as water levels rise, changing weather patterns may cause droughts and also CAUSE increased precipitation that will affect crop growth resulting in food shortages. Adverse weather conditions may cause many to move to other parts of the country to maintain THEIR familiar standard of living. Worldwide THIS will mean that ecosystems at the north pole will undergo a process of extinction. Polar bears and penguins, migratory birds, fish, whales, and many plant species will die because of melting glaciers. Deserts worldwide will expand and BECOMEcompletely uninhabitable. As the population of the world increases exponentially, global warming presents a difficult challenge because the area of habitable land will continuously shrink. This will affect a nomad living in the Gobi desert the SAME way that it will affect a suburban mom living in Iowa. As this happens, the larger world population will scramble to control the finite amount of natural resources that we need to survive. That's why it's extremely important THAT we find alternative energy sources--now.

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