Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heaven Beside Me

A heaven beside me is
revolving, a planet a window
a façade of confusion.
Poor landscape
a mouse with a pipe
playing electric ocarina
isolates my psyche
what an uncanny picnic
this sparkling silver air.
Like a first date or
skyscraper juggling a desert
there is a beauty to ice that
only a statue understands

O silence,
how we must
of their conversations.


Anonymous said...

Hello Larry:

Just came across your blog via Mark Young's Gamma Ways and wanted to know if I could use your poem for the next THE COUNTDOWN, the internet radio show I host for MiPoRadio. If you don't mind, would you also be able to record yourself reading it?

Let me know and take care.

Larry Sawyer said...

Definitely...I'll send you the file. Thanks for the offer.

All best,

Bob said...

Just checking in, Larry...

Do you have my e-mail address? bmarcacci AT gmail DOT com