Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"...only the most decisive episodes of my life as I can conceive it apart from its organic plan, and only insofar as it is at the mercy of chance--the merest as well as the greatest--temporarily escaping my control, admitting me to an almost forbidden world of sudden parallels, petrifying coincidences, and reflexes peculiar to each individual, of harmonies struck as though on the piano, flashes of light that would make you see, really see, if only they were not so much quicker than all the rest." Nadja, André Breton

This really interesting piece on Venus Khoury-Ghata is worth a read.

I'll be in Arizona for the next few days ... unless my flight is canceled.

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AC said...

Beware the Navajo Skinwalker, Larry Sawyer.
And also the crying woman who wields a spiky cactus.