Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dazzling Sky

We’ll go on living despite the intrusion.
Appreciative of your glance in my direction, the chiaroscuro
of moments, cast me in the role of son,
to the patriotic television is most painful,
I am now able to sit and calmly watch the screen,
let’s not forget that intellectual fever,
fetish of distances
bewildering silks.

Flambé vigilante, try the surface
disconfidence of illumination:
Culture wears shades.

And all at once, vultures arose,
jellyfish reality
completely dismantled.
Visit my outer space
and I’ll visit your self-preoccupied garden.

1 comment:

Maya Deren said...

The reader is an intruder. Love is an intruder. This nation is a thief of its own home.

As we dance with what is us within the framework of status quo, we fall but with muted hope still reach for one another's hand.