Monday, March 26, 2007

Gorgeous Illustrations

Feminine machines, themselves
like a fragrance, she said and the
table again strayed from its place
and moved about the room
with such lightness and laughter
and why are you reading
as her hands so absolute
in a good way, the precise manners
of New Englanders, like pillows,
filled with famine. Good luck there,
because love is a secret factory
manufacturing doubt and the
employees blow smoke rings
on their lunch breaks the size of
Manhattan. Scores of dahlias
feed him morning and, like green
sleep, right now is the time.

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farabo said...

Did you know Laurence Weisberg?
I knew him when he was 19. We worked together at the Los Angeles Free Press Bookstore. I've never forgotten him.
Looking for news of Larry on the internet, I learned that he died at the age of 51.
Please, can you tell me the circumstances of his death?
Thank you,